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Taking on a new Role with a new Host

Dory Estrada, a Master Facilitator and host family member of The Bridging Principles™ team reflects on her new teaching Role within a new Host Family.


Hello blog readers! I have had a pause in my posts due to other tasks on the plate, but I’d like to reflect about one of my recent, exciting experiences with two of The Bridging Principles™ and how positive their impact has been in helping me transition into a new work opportunity.

The conversation for this post is about Roles and Host Family, two principles that I think about constantly in my professional life. A Host Family consists of a group of people who belong to any Sacred Place (more on this in a later post).  The “Sacred Place” can be an office, home, school, etc. and the Host Family members are the ones who operate under similar norms and cultural expectations in that place. They fulfill certain Roles expected of them, and often have a defined structure of leadership.

Roles go hand in hand with a Host Family. We all have multiple roles in life—friend, partner, sister, freelancer, etc., but in The Bridging Principles™, we speak more specifically about the generalized Roles of Observer, Helper, and Facilitator. These three Roles can be attributed to almost any activity (think of a staff meeting or a group project) and can fluctuate within any given Host Family. And, and as we move through different stages of life, we find that these Roles can shift dramatically or change entirely (like becoming a parent or an executive).

I recently found myself in a work transition where I shifted into a new Role. A few months ago, I was recruited to attend an English language camp for Austrian kids for one week in the Alps. Sounds pretty great, right? To be honest, it was better than great—it was wonderful. This was my first experience in the Role of an ESL teacher, and I was thrown right into the fire when 78 preteens from Vienna showed up at the youth hostel with their teachers on Monday morning. It was a bit difficult at first to think of how I could structure and carry out my own lessons, but my Host Family members from the language camp were extremely helpful and guided me every step of the way.

I started the week first in an Observer role, the day before the kids came, listening a preparatory meeting for teachers and asking lots of questions. Next, I took on the Role of Helper, and I assisted the other teachers in prepping materials for each classroom space, as well as helping the Lead Teacher organize the kids when they arrived. They were so enthusiastic and excited! Finally, when I was in the classroom space, I took on the Role of Facilitator, and successfully taught 5 lessons that week, working on getting the kids to feel more confident in their English.

The kids themselves were a blast, and combined with the beautiful spring mountain air, I could not have asked for a better week! Better yet, I have found myself welcomed into a whole new Host Family—the world of ESL teaching, and I am working on new opportunities to teach again, since I enjoyed it so much. It’s never too early or too late to take on a new Role, and with a supportive Host Family, there’s so much you can achieve! Look forward to more updates as I move forward in this new endeavor.

About the Author: Dory Estrada is a Master Facilitator for The Bridging Principles™ and currently works as a freelance proposal writer in Austria. She holds a MSc. in Integrated Urbanism and Sustainable Design, and is passionate about environment, local economic development, and sustainability-focused work. She enjoys travel, outdoor activities, and all kinds of food from different cultures.

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