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A Guide to Surviving the Holiday Season with The Bridging Principles™

While the holiday season can be filled with fun times, laughter, and sharing of good memories, it can also mean family drama. The Bridging Principles™ can help you have a festive family gathering and avoid or resolve familial conflict.

It’s officially the holiday season again! Whether you love this time of year or not, the stores are already stocked with all things red, white, and green and playing Christmas carols over the loud speakers, much to the chagrin of the workers who have heard “Jingle Bell Rock” 15 times in one shift.

For those of you celebrating Christmas, Hannukkah, Yule, Kwanzza, the arrival of Sinterklaas in the Netherlands, or any other tradition no matter what the time of year, this means that more than likely you will be spending time with family, including your weird old uncle who smells like potato chips and drinks too much, your in-laws who always serve burnt dinners, and that cousin you get into political debates (shouting matches) with.

While this time of year can be filled with fun times, laughter, and sharing of good memories, it can also mean family drama.

Do any of these holiday circumstances feel familiar to you?

  • Passive-aggressive comments from your in-laws around the dinner table
  • Political debates that can turn into screaming matches after one too many glasses of wine
  • A parent or grandparent criticizing your hair color, skirt length, career path or life partner
  • Fights over who is going to host, make the food, or clean up from the festivities
  • Jealousy issues between siblings, cousins, or your kids
  • Dealing with the step-parent you can’t stand
  • Feeling awkward at your partner’s family gatherings and unsure of what to do or who to talk to
  • Dealing with religious differences, like being asked to “say grace” when you’re an atheist OR wanting to say a family prayer before your meal but no one else wants to


While The Bridging Principles™ blog and programs focus most often on how to improve our communications in the workplace, the truth is that our participants report that the principles have also greatly helped improve and/or heal their most intimate personal relationships.

Over the next five weeks, we will be sharing our top five tips for applying The Bridging Principles™ to your personal life so you can not only survive, but actually enjoy, the holiday season and the company of your family.

Next week, we’ll look at how to apply the principle of Intent to prepare yourself and your loved ones for a festive holiday season, instead of your own special version of National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.

Stay tuned!

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