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The Challenge of Change

In this article, Master Facilitator Rob Pliskin explores how the principle of “Sacred Place” helps him to manage the unavoidable challenge of change in our lives.


Hello! Welcome to today!  Even to right now! Where change starts, right in this — inhale…and…exhale — very next breath!  This article is not, I repeat, not going to change your life and all of your relationships for the better in 500 words. But after reading it, with a little help from The Bridging Principles, you can change the way you respond to the challenge of change!

Here is how: We are going to start with one principle today, Sacred Place, and how it helps me to navigate big and little changes in life.   Here is a real example from my world:  walking up to a horse.  Let’s make it a horse in a five-acre pasture with gates open to 32 more acres. I do this many times in my work week.  No matter what else is going on in my day, if I don’t do this with respect, blended with good feeling and humility, what can happen?  At the very least, the horse might stiffen, watch me very carefully, and be ready to walk away. Or she just may walk away anyway.  Or run.  If I have learned how to approach her Sacred Place ( i.e. her body and her pasture) respectfully and humbly, and be interesting to her, it can be fun, pleasant, and a trust-building and re-affirming experience for both of us. So, the process is, I go from wherever I was in the last moment to respect and humility in this moment, to trust, affirmation, and maybe even fun for both of us in the next moment.

What if your Sacred Place is really a place and you are dealing with challenging changes there?  Like at work, or home?   This may involve sharing a much larger Sacred Place than just your own, right?  Another recent example from my life:  I arrive back in New Zealand to finish my work visa at Dune Lakes Lodge, with 19 horses on 37 acres, Rosemary, Al, and everyone that comes for awhile to help — and there is no kitchen.  Nooooooo kitchen!  The kitchen has been torn out and is being re-fitted after the very new discovery of a very old leak in the floor and sink cabinets.  The kitchen contents are now in the pantry or the meeting room down the hall.  Shocking to my sense of Sacred Place in the kitchen and sharing it!  We wash dishes in the bathtub!

How did I accept this challenge of change that was now very definitely a part of my world? Inhale…and…exhale….  A lot of times.  Act with respect, good feeling, and humility.  Since I didn’t know how to put in a new kitchen, I did the cooking each day, and washed the dishes in the bathtub.  It even came out fun sometimes.  

And you know what?  The new kitchen is beautiful.  

This story starts in all of us. Every being — you, the others around you, the horse, me, we all have our own Sacred Place, and our worlds are always changing.  You know this.  In the next breath you can begin to try it out.  And if you want to get really good with it, get with The Bridging Principles through our coaching or training programs.


About the Author: Rob Pliskin is an Equine Master Facilitator for The Bridging Principles who lives, works and travels between the United States, Israel and New Zealand.  Watch this video clip to learn why he is a part of The Bridging Principles™. You can read Rob’s full bio here.

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